A new theory called biocentrism is a mix of physics, quantum mechanics and astrophysics puts forth the idea scientifically that there is no such thing as death, just the idea of it in the mind. That you are attached to your human body so you believe in death.

I am sure you can argue logically:
1.  The disintegration of organic matter returning to the Earth when you die. 

2. Your heart stops.
3.  You loose consciousness and die.
Is this what REALLY happens? Do you think you no longer exist, that your consciousness departs and is no longer functional? Is there nothing else to experience once you die?
Having been in my profession for over 30 years researching the state of humanities origins, consciousness and the relationship to reality with emotional awareness, I see daily with my customers just the opposite. Life continues in a myriad of ways. You move from one state of consciousness into another form of consciousness daily and when you release your spirit from matter, if that is what you are doing. Many people have a life review with their council, others meet up with past loves and family members, most feel an immense amount of relieve and love for their experiences. I have heard hundreds of people recognize that they have accomplished nothing at all on the soul level and have wasted a lifetime repeating the same patterns as other lifetimes with the same characters and soul family. 

I would love to hear what you think about this and what do you believe happens after you die? Put your comments below. I would love to hear what you think or feel about this! 

Source: http://www.learning-mind.com/quantum-theory-proves-that-consciousness-moves-to-another-universe-after-death/

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