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It’s amazing what can happen to your life in two hours!  Yesterday I had a new client who came to see me at the end of her rope-feeling desperate, completely alone and feeling she had no hope.
During her consultation she explained to me how her past has continued to show her how little she is loved, the bad situations she has encountered and all the healing she has invested into for over a decade. I have heard this many times from clients that they have tried everything and nothing has really worked. It might of worked for the moment and brought out happiness but it did not last, the issue returned.

I am extremely confident and trust Regression Therapy’s direct approach to healing that I listened and smiled, already intuiting that most of what she spoke of what fear and the stories that go along to keep fear alive.

Witches BurningDuring her Regression she returned to a lifetime where all of her children and husband had died and she was burned for being a witch. She was a healer who used natures elements to heal. The man who accused her of being a witch stated that all of her children died because they were cursed by the evil lurking in their family.

She entered this life with the burden of not feeling loved, respected or worthy. Her very early experienced as age one when her father left the family awakened the emotional reaction to not being loved or worthy. Throughout her life experiences would show her how much she needed and wanted love but did not know how to ask for it or receive it.
At the end of her Regression she had a smile that lifted the burden of shame, guilt and fear. We spoke of her experience, her next steps, booked another session for her as she was amazed at the experience and how she felt, she could not stop smiling. She felt an inner peace and connection, a knowing that she had not ever felt before. It is something that she has been trying to attain but had not yet reached, today she received, realized how much fear had taken over her emotions and kept her crippled emotionally.
In 2 hours her life changed, what was a desperate attempt to find a ‘fix it all’ became a doorway to a brand new experience of herself that created a pathway to a new life experience. Self love and inner peace.

This is why I love this work so much; transformation happens to everyone who comes to see me. It’s the result of saying yes to booking a Past Life Regression Therapy Session.
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