Regression Therapy Healing Past Emotional Traumas and Mental Confusion

Regression Therapy has helped thousands of my clients worldwide to eliminate and heal from past emotional trauma, mental confusion, physical pain and suffering and most of all, spiritual disconnection.

The ‘human condition’ is a state of unconscious awareness where the intellect, emotional and spiritual maturity of a person has yet to heal past conditioning due to environment,  genetic disposition passed down via generations of mental and emotional abuse and has yet to let go of what has held them back from experiencing a life of freedom and self love.

The human being is one that has healed past issues and resolved to embrace life from a place of self nurturing and being in service via love and self respect.

Most conditions that have caused emotional and mental trauma occurred a young age, prior to 7 years old where the hypothalamus gland took hold of the flight or fight response and release of adrenaline into the blood stream for the sake of personal safety. It is a condition that is embedded into the body from our amygdala located within the brain stem, which determines your emotional and mental state. Today, that response is still activated by the small things that cause our nervous system to go on high alert and too much of this leads to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

For most, this is unconscious, but the buildup, the tension, and the resulting long term affects will be felt at one point or another due to our bodies unique way of communicating to us via our pains and troubles, through the physical world of our bodies.

Too much of this can lead to disorders of our autonomic nervous system , which in today’s society is a surefire sign of headaches, irritable bowl syndrome, which also affect hormonal and immune systems when a buildup of stress continues to build upon itself.  Chronic fatigue, depression, allergies, lupus, and autoimmune diseases ensue with the onslaught of too many neurons being triggered by the very fact that there is so much coming at us on a daily basis to choose from.

How to heal sensory overload and mental confusion?

Understanding the core issue of WHY you are experiencing emotional trauma or/and mental confusion can  save you years, if not decades of uncertainty and  many visits to the doctors or psychologist office.

Regression Therapy has assisted, released and healed thousands of my clients worldwide with depression, anxiety, stress, IBS, nervous disorders and physical ailments. Most importantly, Regression Therapy eliminates the confusion, anger, sadness, self loathing that happens when you are not in harmony within your self, misunderstood and not aware of WHY you are experiencing such mental turmoil or emotional distraught.

To  learn more about Regression Therapy and how it may benefit your current situation to shed 10-20 years of self-help books, sleepless nights, mental worry and anguish along with stopping you from living a life of personal freedom, inner peace and happiness book your private session today. Protection Status
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