Ever Have Recurring Dreams?

When I ask my clients if they have ever had recurring dreams as a child or as an adult, the response is an overwhelming YES! People get this surprised look on their face and look relieved wondering why are they having them and what does it mean? It’s interesting when you bring something up in conversation that most of the populance is experiencing but is not talking about openly, there is a glimpse of “thank God I am not the weird one!” in their eyes, like that would be a bad thing? We all need a little bit of weirdness to stay sane and connected to our joy center to stay happy in this world.

Recurring Dreams What Do They Mean?

Many children experience nightmares, what parents don’t realize is that they are prompted by a past life experience that is still very fresh in your child’s mind and emotional body. They are reliving it via the dream state as this is an open doorway to access the subconscious mind when the brain hits alpha level in dreamtime.

Does your child wake up yelling, crying, sweating? If she/he does she is still very much in that lifetime experiencing what is taking place as real. Our unconscious memories show up to teach us lessons, remind us of our soul connection to all things and to expressed life paths. When the recurring dream is more of a haunting with someone wanting us to see, hear, do, be or engage on some level with them, there is more energetically going on, this is one of the most powerful examples of why a past life regression is extremely helpful for a child, youth or adult, to find the answers within and gain clarity of the situation.

Understanding Your Recurring Dreams
As an adult your recurring dreams can seem very convoluted with a non sequel patterning taking place, but when we look deeper, there will be a pattern with the symbols, people and emotions that are trying to teach you something that you might not be accepting in your life.  You may be in denial upon waking and not willing to see the truth of a situation that is a recurring pattern from another lifetime that can be taking place with the same person/characters concurrently, allowing you the opportunity to learn from, grow and evolve today. If you are in denial and not learning from the experience it will continue to grow and recurring with multiple people. That is why when you continue to attract the wrong relationship, the same type of person with a different look and story, they all seem to bring to you the same experiences, there is a reason for this, it’s your soul lesson. To find the deeper meaning with a past or current relationship and to stop the repeating pattern book a past life regression today to heal and clear it so you can let go of old cycles and stop manipulating your emotional body while getting exactly what you desire.

If you have had recurring dreams and want to find out exactly what the dream means, who and what does the dream relate to and why you are having them, Past Life Regression can serve you providing the answers in a clear effective way that will put to rest your confusion or lack of awareness of why these are happening to you. One of the most profound effects and benefits of Past Life Regression is CLARITY, the moment you realize the truth, you are set free.

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