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Past Life Regression Toronto Training“Deborah Skye, you are full of inspiring knowledge and have great enthusiasm about your soul’s journey.  Your presence and knowledge is astounding.  I was trying to soak it in all weekend.  It was fantastic to be able to learn this course from you and to see first hand on how you work.  I have already attracted 4 people to practice on and it has only been a few days since I have taken this course.  You have helped raise my vibration and given me encouragement on bringing Past Life Regression into my practice.  I look forward to learning from you again.”

– Sarah Stephen-Trull, RMT, CRHP, RP
Registered Massage Therapist
Burlington, Ont.

Certified Training in Past Life Regression Therapy | Toronto

Now Offering Online Past Life Regression Certification Training

Past Life Regression Online Certificate Training with Deborah Skye

ABOUT Deborah Skye: You can view Deborah Skye’s Credentials and Professional Training Background Here.

About The Class: Class size is limited due to the hands-on work that is 214-stress-free and the personal training that Deborah Skye provides to each student.  You will experience so many new revelations about your self, your relationships, your patterns and why they are present and most of all, you will discover the depth of you own unique abilities. You can read the testimonials below for a diverse background of people who each experienced their breakthroughs and ‘aha’ moments. All classes are personally conducted at Deborah Skye’s home in the Beaches area, the calm and peaceful surroundings and the local community is stress-free, especially if you are coming from a big city. Toronto is only 20 minutes away by car, but the energy of the Beaches is supported by its Natural surroundings.

Class Location: Past Life Regression Certificate Online Globally

Who May Enroll: If you are passionate about serving people and are seeking to learn more about yourself, why you are here and how you can heal at a deep core level, then this Training is an excellent match for you. If you currently are a Holistic Practitioner, Coach, Counsellor, Therapist, Doctor, Nurse, Massage Therapist, Alternative Healers and anyone who is interested or invested in the service of providing personal development techniques and tools to their clients and themselves.

Who May Not Enroll: If you are on heavy medication for mental health. If you are medicated and have been for more than six months, you would benefit most to schedule a private session with Deborah Skye.

About The Class: You will receive your own 214 page Training Manual, outlining the beginnings of PLR, with Edgar Cayce, and the history of hypnosis. Scripts, Emotional Responses, Inductions and Deep Relaxation Techniques are all put in your Manual for you to study and work from.  Deborah Skye goes deep into the psychology of the human experience and how to experience life from the Soul level. Saturday and Sundays training is experiential with hands-on mentoring and training into the knowledge of how to conduct and prepare yourself for facilitating a PLR. Topics as diverse as ‘how to know your client is regressed’ to working with the subconscious and higher mind is covered in detail while experiencing a personal PLR.

If you are a seasoned Healer, Coach, Practitioner of  Alternative or Traditional Medicine be ready to have your past ideas and experiences to be expanded upon. Every single person who is accepted into the study group of learning PLR from Deborah Skye experiences profound shifts in their lives by taking this course. It is for you to expand and grow from and also to offer your current or future clients this exceptional gift of past life regression.

What You Will Receive: Expert training, hands-on mentorship, an opportunity to train with Deborah Skye, who has over 17 years experience in leading global transformation and the ability to facilitate your own past life regression with confidence.

Each student will receive their Certification after conducting five past life regression sessions on friends or family, or in their practice with a follow up with Deborah Skye via email or phone. This will provide you with ample incentive to practice what you have trained in and give you five case studies to work with.

Every person who has taken this training has found that they received advanced training in personal development and in understand energy and how past lives work within the emotional body.

“I look forward to meeting you and bringing you to a place within yourself that connects you to your highest purpose in this life so you may complete your journey of healing, thereby empowering you to be of the greatest service to yourself and to those you love and have yet to meet.”

Past Life Regression Toronto“Testimonials From Former Students Of PLR Therapy Training”

“I really don’t know how to put into words about what I experienced in this course. I unlocked many deep-rooted issues I thought I had dealt with. I was able to forgive  myself, learn that I am not depressed or crazy, that I am a good person and not a failure. I healed an abundance of repressed emotions. I connected with my higher-self. I realized recurring patterns in my life and how to change them. I feel amazing and at peace. Deborah is an incredible healer. For the first time in my life, I feel truly healed.”YH

“I was guided to take Skye’s course in fact my guide told her before they told me. When you go back to another life you are given insights into your current one and can bring back this gift with you. I had two completely inexplicable reactions to two men in my current life which had me completely “blown away.” Skye led me to a life long ago where I had known and loved them, which made my current reactions perfectly rational. Since taking this course I have learned how to guide others to find the knowledge or gift which serves them again in this time. Thank you Skye for a whole new world” Love N

“Our connections to certain people are necessary and meant to be. I felt pulled (here, to the class) knowing on some level that this was a way for me to heal. In the ongoing healing, I feel confident to continue and help others. We weren’t given an opportunity to be or feel shy-we all just went for it-and the outcome has been monumental for me and my peers. I’m eternally grateful that you have shared this gift with me. I  look forward to sharing this healing light work with others.” K

“I took the course hoping to gain some insight into who I am as a person and why I do the things I do. I tried to be open minded and to listen and learn from the experience. I thought it would be more of an “aha” moment but it was more of an understanding of my ‘self’, to learn to remain open to thoughts and impressions that come to me instead of closing them off.

I learned from being present in others regression and to believe in what I feel, to trust myself and those feelings. Skye, you are a wonderful teacher, and I hope someday I can experience a tiny bit of what you experience.

I find myself gaining in spirituality and confidence and believing in “me” that I can accomplish anything I want in my life with more kindness and love and courage to move forward.” Maria Protection Status
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