Past Life Regression CertificationPast Life Regression is a highly sought after professional healing method in both traditional and alternative health care. As more people are realizing the toxic side effects of medicating and suppressing the cause of the dis-ease or past emotional and mental trauma that continues to affect their life, their performance and relationships. Feeling and experiencing imbalance in emotions or thoughts has a direct impact on your ability to perform and create a successful and healthy lifestyle and maintain healthy boundaries. Most peoples finances are affected by the lack of confidence that low self esteem and depression have on ones ability to have a mental attitude of success and self love. I want to change that reality, as it has been my mission for the last 5 years to train individuals who have a passion and desire to serve humanity, provide effect and long term healing and return the health and well-being to society.
Facilitating Past Lives provides you with a birds eye view of incredible and amazing knowledge not available anywhere else but what you and your client receive while in a regression, (as a facilitator you learn more than you can currently even imagine, every day I am blown away by the insights and absolute magic that takes place) it’s absolutely fascinating and always amazes me what comes to light during every session. If you are seeking an education on humanity and want to learn more about your expansive light that dwells within, pursuing a career as a Past Life Regression Facilitator will bring you years of spiritual growth in a much more shorter time frame then most, as you will be tapping into the Universal Mind and connecting with your own and others Guides. Past Life Regression provides that opportunity for you and your clients, to accelerate your healing and spiritual path. Even if you are not in the healing/service industry and feel called and pulled to learn PLR please listen to your intuition, it is your guides speaking to you and asking you to step into the light and be a leader for others.

I first encountered a past life consciously when I was 6 years old, today, 38 years later, I still experience past lives on a daily basis, now I assist humanity in claiming their inherent right to live a life of freedom, unhinged by the past mistakes or pains that have kept you or someone you know stuck or unable to move past their disharmony or mental confusion and unease.I am inviting you to step into becoming a Past Life Regression Facilitator and heal yourself, others and begin a practice of your own, with Past Life Training Manuals & CD's Deborah Skyemy guidance and professional marketing techniques in the Holistic Healing Field. The world truly needs you! Over 5 years ago I set out to train and qualified Past Life Regression Facilitators in the Toronto area and now I am returning to teach the only training of this kind.  You will be given the opportunity to experience your own past lives and how they are affecting you today, along with accelerated quantum leaps in your healing path, awakening your 3rd eye sensory perception and taking in higher energies along with aligning yourself to your true path and making the connection to knowing what is your ego and what is your Spiritual calling.

In 2 days you will learn more about yourself and your role in you life than any other time, you will be going deep with me and other like minded individuals who are serious about their Soul Purpose and living it with integrity and clear intention of commitment as your role of healer, coach, therapist and/or service provider. You do not need any prior experience, just the willingness and desire to have an open heart and mind and to share..

I look forward to sharing the last 30+ years of research with you and how you can quantum leap your current spiritual evolution, via healing emotional and mental trauma from the cellular level. I will be providing powerful tools of transformations for you to receive during our 2 days together.
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