Gaining TrustA newborn baby trusts it’s environment impeccably, until those first moments shatter the insatuable thirst for security, love and acceptance. Broken trust can begin early, as early as inside the womb, or lifetimes ago. How it is that one person can trust the universe and all it offers freely, without any want or need to be shown the facts as to why or how reality works, it just does and the trust is just given. While others question every thougth or moment and doubt what reality is feeding them, unbeknowst to their own self that they are creating the very fabric of their own existence, truth be told, 100%?

Trust is a profound gift that many do not cherish or hold. How does one build trust when layer upon layer of imprints have shown or dictated according to the ‘aha.’ I told you so! mentality? One thing that I know from years of experiencing hundreds of clients the world over, if there is doubt in the system, then there is a lack of trust. Protection Status
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