Heard Spirit speak to me to go to the petroglyph’s in Peterborough on Thursday evening so I cleared my schedule for Friday so Luminous and I would take a journey to this sacred land and North America’s most densely populated location of petroglyphs. Yesterday I drove for 6 hours into the forests and into the ancient territory of Kinoomaagewaapkong to the “rocks that teach’. It was breathtaking and the presence of a thousand lights penetrated my senses upon entering this mystical landscape.

I never know what I will find, receive, see or experience when I hear Spirit call, I just take immediate action and DO. The why comes out after the experience itself, once it has been anchored back into my cellular memory bank to be exposed to my conscious self, then the why shows up when I research deeper into Spirit calling me out to play in the mystery.

There was quite the presence when entering this site even though it now is covered by a very large man made structure for erosion reasons, I still heard the cosmos speak to me in my blood. There were many rock engravings that I have seen at other locations around the world, dating to the 32rd generation BC the 4th millennium BC.

There was a worldwide resurgence that took place enabling megalithic templates to rise around the planet, Stonehenge being the most known and still to this day being questioned as to it’s origins. The stone circles in Ireland, Scotland and England rose at this time along with Sumerian culture; the first dating of text writing, astrology, astronomy, metallurgy and organization of taxation.

It was also the time of the beginning of long count calendars one from India, the Kali Yuga the other from the Maya, the long count calendar. Both extremely epic in proportion to today’s mundane and convoluted Gregorian calendar.

When being guided to these locations by Spirit I am always amazed at the underlying force that correlates to the earth-star connection, of particular interest is the evolutionary cycles that depict specific evolutionary awakenings in a society.

A social evolution took place then and as we see it today, the same is happening globally. Since the calendrics of our vernal equinox we have had so many cosmic cycles overlap into the current state of humanity being utterly confused and lacking focus in regards to the planetary influx of energies that are in direct correlation to specific overlapping timelines and cycles that have already been experienced by ancient cultures.

As a humanity we have been dummied down from the species that left clues throughout our planet as a bedrock of celestial information for anyone who chooses to embark upon a quest to seek out the origins of our species. I began at the age of 11 on this journey to seriously take an active approach to research and development of embarking upon a lifelong quest to share with others who also seek the knowledge and truth of our being here, spiritual purpose and alignment to one’s inherent power at the quanta level inside of your DNA. (I share more on this at Soul Therapy School®)


You are not merely a human being in flesh and blood, with no purpose, no destination but to live out a mortal life of playing a victim to the powers that be. Even though most people on this planet life exactly like this;  powerless, confused, depressed, unconscious to their internal spark of life and lack of knowing why they are experiencing this pain and suffering that eats away at any connection to Spirit.

SO, what does this all mean to you?  We are in a celestial dance of re-awakening you to YOUR destined position on this planet. This is why I was asked by my Council to bring Soul Therapy School to the public; to share ancient knowledge that is held within the Earth’s membrane and from our celestial sistars and brothers. *To empower women to embody their most sacred act of self love to bring this to their children, creating space for Earth’s future generations to walk in truth to their soul’s destiny. To live in balance. Not to compromise their gifts and give away their power to someone’s story or belief’s on how to live in the cage of societies normalcy.

Want to learn more about ancient civilizations and megalithic structures with Deborah Skye?

She offers yearly Sacred Soul Retreats to sacred sites: take a look at the upcoming one in Hawaii, swimming with wild dolphins and exploring the petroglyphs there.

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