What Happens When You Die?

What Happens When You Die?

A new theory called biocentrism is a mix of physics, quantum mechanics and astrophysics puts forth the idea scientifically that there is no such thing as death, just the idea of it in the mind. That you are attached to your human body so you believe in death. I am...

Interview With Deborah Skye

Deborah Skye is a Modern Day Shaman Mentoring Women Globally to Empower, Engage and Awaken their Inner Female Power to Embrace Global Transformation as we enter into a New Earth. She has Authored Discovering & Living Your Soul’s Purpose, Awakening To Your...

Gaining Trust In The World

A newborn baby trusts it’s environment impeccably, until those first moments shatter the insatuable thirst for security, love and acceptance. Broken trust can begin early, as early as inside the womb, or lifetimes ago. How it is that one person can trust the...
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