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 It does not matter your religion, your culture, where or how you live, everyone is interested in learning more about their past lives. To undergo a Past Life Regression an individual does not need to believe in past lives but have an open mind and a curious heart to want to understand more about themselves. Most of the time there are questions that cannot be answered and past life regression therapy provides a much-needed insight that goes directly to the core of an individuals soul. The emotional healing and long-term benefits are outstanding.  

Understanding your past lives gives you a keen insight to what is transpiring today in your life. You’ve heard the saying, “history repeats itself?” Your history is constantly repeating in patterns unconscious to the logical mind. The subconscious is the seer into your life’s passage steering your emotions and thoughts into a myriad of uncontrollable ways that might have you confused or stressed. If you are seeking answers to questions and experiences that are unexplainable and keep you unhinged, then scheduling a past life regression session may be extremely beneficial to you.

Deborah Skye is a researcher into humanities origins, unveiling the conditions that plague millions of people worldwide from deep-seated fears to grasping a profound life-altering spiritual experience that is unexplainable to most. If you have ever experienced something that is unexplainable. Deborah Skye will unravel and deliver the message to you in a comprehensive, simple and practical way for you to understand the implications the experience, pattern, a behaviour is asking from you.  

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You will have an opportunity to understand why something keeps showing up in your life, how you can change and what are the exact steps to make that change. The rest will be up to you to implement the solutions into your life. The idea of a past or future is frivolous yet necessary for people to grasp what can happen, what has happened and what can be changed to alter the future experience of one’s life. 

“It is my pleasure to present the opportunity of discovering who you are, what your purpose is and how your soul speaks to you through subconscious behaviours. Your past determines how you experience your present, if you have unresolved emotional, mental or physical issues, you will continue to repeat the same patterns lifetime after lifetime that is blocking you from success in any or all areas of your life. I look forward to serving you.”

Past Life Regression is a therapeutic approach to healing emotional, mental and spiritual unrest.

Professional Regression Therapy & Parallel Worlds:

Past Lives Pathways Into Your FutureSince the age of six Deborah Skye has experienced her own personal regressions, parallel realities and other world connections. Beginning at 11 she began to study Ancient Mysteries, Sacred Teachings of Lost Continents, Soul Mates, Out of Body Experiences, Past Lives and Sacred Geometry and how it all interfaces with our current society.

When she arrived at Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan of Mexico at age 14, she entered into a direct relationship with a parallel reality that was co-existing alongside the one she was experiencing. Skye has developed a heightened awareness while at sacred sites to be able to walk in between the world, the dimensions and parallels that currently exist and it began at the Temple of Kukulkan in Mexico. What happened forever changed her life, opening up a portal to another realm that she had been exposed to studying that allowed her to embrace her Mayan Priestess Shamanic self.  As she walked the grounds in Chichen, she knew where everything was, the columns, the cenote, the observatory, everything, she organically breathed it all in and understood that time and space held no barrier between lifetimes, that all co-existed at once. Protection Status
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