Since the age of 6, Deborah Skye has experienced first hand, her own personal regressions. Beginning at 11 she delved deeply into the study of Ancient Mysteries, Sacred Teachings of Lost Continents, Soul Mates, Out of Body Experiences, Past Lives and Sacred Geometry and how it all interfaces with our current society. When she arrived at Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan of Mexico at age 14, she entered into a direct relationship with a parallel reality that was co-existing alongside the one she was experiencing. Skye has developed an acutely heightened awareness while at sacred sites to be able to walk in between the world, the dimensions and parallels that currently exist and it began at the Temple of Kukulkan in Mexico. What happened forever changed her life, opening up a portal to another realm that she had been exposed to studying that allowed her to embrace her Mayan Priestess Shamanic self. As she walked the grounds in Chichen, she knew where everything was, the columns, the cenote, the observatory, everything, she organically breathed it all in and understood that time and space held no barrier between lifetimes, that all co-existed at once.


Human conditioning of the emotional, physical and mental body can trigger Soul Memories, leading to internal conflict by one’s surrounding environment of not being able to express one’s truth, feeling out of control (many children today feel this way) and feeling suppressed from one’s true expression. Past Life Regression Therapy goes to the point of origin of WHY you are experiencing and feeling this way. You get to the truth of the experience, why you are feeling afraid, lonely, sad, depressed, anxiety, worried, have fear and are afraid to live up to your fullest potential, Deborah Skye accesses your Soul Memory and goes deep into the subconscious level of your mind to release, heal and bring forward your truth. It’s powerful, life transforming and a HUGE relief to realize WHY you are feeling and experiencing what you are.

Sacred travel is part of Deborah Skye’s life. It provides an exploration into ancient civilizations and a constant shifting of perspectives. During her travels, she makes it a priority to connect to the land and the past cultures who originated in a temple, pyramid, stone circle or the sacred waters. The wealth of information that comes forth, not only during her time with clients during past life regression sessions but when walking the Earth and in remote locations around the planet.

The exploration into parallel lives has always been a normal and fascinating place of self-discovery for Deborah Skye. From the earliest of her memories, she has always been in between worlds, speaking with her ancestors and communicating with the parallel realms that co-exist with us here.

She loves humanity and the care of the evolution of this planet along with her peoples fuels her unending desire to educate, inform, elevate and inspire women, men and youth into acquiring an abundant resource of knowledge that dwells within.


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