Understanding Your Past Lives

If you find yourself in toxic relationships, fearing or worried about how you are going to make a living, wondering about why you are here on earth and what your purpose is, then you are not alone.

It is my pleasure to present the opportunity of discovering who you are, what your purpose is and how your soul speaks to you through subconscious behaviors. Your past determines how you experience your present, if you have unresolved emotional, mental or physical issues, you will continue to repeat the same patterns lifetime after lifetime that are blocking you from success in any or all areas of your life.

If you would like to understand how past life regression can support you in healing your struggles, pain and insecurities with your family, friends and clients, book a session with Deborah Skye.

I look forward to serving you.

“Why Am I Here & What Is My Purpose?”

Past Life Regression Therapy opens up the connection between your subconscious and conscious realms allowing you to be empowered and aware of your destiny, putting you in the drivers seat.

Your past does affect your present experience if your experiences are unhealed from your past relationships.

Professional Online Certification Training March 2020 

Professional Online Certification Training

Since the age of 6 Deborah Skye has experienced first hand, her own personal regressions. Beginning at 11 she delved deeply into the study of Ancient Mysteries, Sacred Teachings of Lost Continents, Soul Mates, Out of Body Experiences, Past Lives and Sacred Geometry and how it all interfaces with our current society. When she arrived at Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan of Mexico at age 14, she entered into a direct relationship with a parallel reality that was co-existing alongside the one she was experiencing. Skye has developed an acute heightened awareness while at sacred sites to be able to walk in between the world, the dimensions and parallels that currently exist and it began at the Temple of Kukulkan in Mexico. What happened forever changed her life, opening up a portal to another realm that she had been exposed to studying that allowed her to embrace her Mayan Priestess Shamanic self. As she walked the grounds in Chichen, she knew where everything was, the columns, the cenote, the observatory, everything, she organically breathed it all in and understood that time and space held no barrier between lifetimes, that all co-existed at once.

Would You Like To Learn How To Do Past Life Regression Help Others, Yourself and The Planet?

The Professional Certification Training Program is for individuals who: Are wanting to know what past lives are affecting your present life and to be empowered.

  • Are you desire to heal your own past and childhood trauma by gently releasing old patterns and issues?
  • Wanting to have healthy relationships with family, friends and intimately?
  • Curious to know why you feel like you are stuck and knowing it is from a past life and needing the assistance to move through it and wanting to help others do the same?
  • Are wanting to fulfill a deep desire to be of purpose and of service to the world?
  • Want a whole new direction in life and know that this is the first step in many to bring them to that place?
  • Desire a future of possibilities that are filled with abundance, opportunity, healthy relationships and know how on where to begin and how to follow through?
  • Wanting a step by step program where you are being taught ancient wisdom and tools that empower you today and will help your current issues?

11 Years Of Professional Past Life Regression International Certification training

The Professional Certification is a unique professional online training program, where you are trained to confidently have your own practice and facilitate Past Life Regression globally.

We are now in our 11th year of online education. The feedback received with our students from 47 countries is that the course content is easy to digest with 24/7 access making it accessible for our global clientele.

We train women and men how to build a successful business model in 7 months, provide you with all the necessary regression scripts and inductions that are an easy step-by-step follow through with 100% success rate in regressing clients. We want you to feel confident in your delivery and the results your clients receive. You will learn steps on how to build your own practice, even if you currently own a studio, center or private practice with up to date marketing know how that can greatly enhance your businesses success for years to come.

What you receive in the Professional Online Certification Training Program:

You will receive “How To Run Your Holistic Past Life Regression Business,” a video on how to create an Authentic Marketing & Client Attraction system within your business. The Professional Past Life Regression Training Program provides you with ample one on one time to complete your online training with online webinars, case studies and MP3 downloads. There in no other program that compares to what you receive here with advanced techniques for inductions and case studies to learn from. Full Certification is awarded after practicum and submission of case studies to your online training program. 

Become Certified In Past Life Regression

Professional Training

Your 7-month professional training is designed to empower you and educate you in leading a regression with confidence, assurance and compassion while guiding others through a regression.

Professional Service 

Create a practice where your clients become empowered to live their truth, by exposing the issues that have come from other lifetimes that are still influencing their present.

Healing Holistic Services

More people today are realizing that the root cause of their emotional, mental or physical issues go far beyond taking a pill and hoping their issue will go away. When doing a Professional Past Life Regression, clients current day issue are always revealed in a past life session.

Create a Thriving Practice

More people today are wanting to fulfill a deep desire to be of purpose and of service to the world, you can assist them to understand what is standing in their way and creating blocks during a Regression.

“While taking the past life regression course with Deborah Skye I had a major breakthrough during my regression session. My past life regression was very simplistic yet very profound, in that it allowed me to let go of anxiety and post traumatic stress that I had been carrying around for five years! I experienced a major shift in energy during the course which I’m sure my family noticed right away. I felt very blessed to meet Skye and the other participants in the course. I found Skye’s teaching method to be easy to follow and very helpful towards my understanding of regression therapy. As a result of taking the course, I am now able to help others in a safe holistic positive way.”

Human conditioning of the emotional, physical and mental body can trigger Soul Memories, leading to internal conflict by ones surrounding environment, constriction of not being able to express one’s truth, feeling out of control (many children today feel this way) and feeling suppressed from one’s true expression. Past Life Regression Therapy goes to the point of origin of WHY you are experiencing and feeling this way. You get to the truth of the experience, why you are feeling afraid, lonely, sad, depressed, anxiety, worried, have fear and are afraid to live up to your fullest potential, Deborah Skye accesses your Soul Memory and goes deep into the subconscious level of your mind to release, heal and bring forward your truth. It’s powerful, life transforming and a HUGE relief to realize WHY you are feeling and experiencing what you are.

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