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Deborah Skye King Medicine Woman + Soul TherapistGrowing up you are taught that you should go to school, go to college, get a degree and set your sights high because no one will hire you if you don’t have an education.

Today, that has changed. Companies are looking for individuals who are creative, flexible and are innovative, self starters and not just another sheep amongst the herd.

You might be shaking your head wondering why you were told to get an education and spend years, 10,000 or 100,000$ on your education to end up working in a profession that was not of your choosing, in debt and struggling to stay positive in a world that does not seem fair.

I was given the choice to go to University and what transpired rocked my world, the door shut quickly on me as I choose to discover the world and seek Soul solutions to my inner calling and seeking of the truth of my existence and humanities purpose.

Many people throughout the years have asked me “how did you end up doing what you are doing?” I continued to listen and pursue my soul desires. They lead me to read books way beyond my age or intellect at the time, travel to distant and exotic locations, live in the jungle alone when I was petrified of the dark and sacred of being alone, I was compelled and swayed by a force much larger and bigger than my ego identity, it was my Soul.

She has helped me create the life that I now live, in the mountains with 2 different locations, one in the city and one immersed in nature in a resort town underneath the majestic sky and starlit nights that offer me inner serenity and a place of deep honoring and reflection.Blue Mountain Trails

I would like for you to experience your own piece of paradise and feel at home in your skin, love the people who are in your life and attract new ones that speak your Soul language and embrace your spiritual gifts, everyone has them. You were born to express your true self, not hide behind a desk and slowly loose your curiosity and passion for life.

I created the Online Certification Training Program for women and men around the world to take it upon yourself to enter into a new career, a new vocation, one that will not break your bank, put you into debt but enliven your Soul and make a deep impact upon this planet.

Past Life Regression Therapy is the Therapy of the Future and that Future is Now.

To entice you further to say an easy yes to an opportunity that will enable your future self to thank you, I am giving you 50% off the 12 Week Certification Training Program. 

Claim Your Future Here!

Certificate Training
all-day Past Life Regression Certificati... @ Chichen Itza Resort Hotel, Yucatan, Mexico
Past Life Regression Certificati... @ Chichen Itza Resort Hotel, Yucatan, Mexico
Nov 11 – Nov 19 all-day
Past Life Regression Certification Training Mexico, Chichen Itza @ Chichen Itza Resort Hotel, Yucatan, Mexico | Chichén Itzá | Yucatán | Mexico
Chichen Itza, Mexico 8th Wonder of the World, Chichen Itza, Pyramid of Kukulcan – The Serpent of Light November 11- 19th 2016   Accept this as your virtual invitation to take a journey deep with
Past Life Regression Training

Past Life Regression Training Certification allows you the Holistic Health Practitioner, Medical Counselor, Therapist, Doctor, Life Coach, Reiki Energy Healer – Master Teacher or new student a large body of knowledge and practical techniques to facilitate and assist your clients in accessing their past lives by way of the subconscious. This is done by utilizing one of the thirteen scripts which are supplied in our training program for the beginner to professional.

Online Certification Live Training Mexico

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