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Accept this as your virtual invitation to an online-certification-advanced-training with Deborah Skye, world’s leading authority of Soul Therapy and creator of the advanced professional training for Past Life Regressionists.

Cancun is an ancient city of the Yucatan Maya. Kan’cun in the ancient tongue is the isle of the serpent tribe. It is here where a civilisation of incredible peoples honoured the Mother Earth as the one true healer and teacher, the Goddess of Gaia.  These peoples came from the Atlantic Ocean with a desire to remember where they had come from, the stars. Master healers they were, using sound, colour and embracing the magnetic vibration of the elements. Temples were erected, sacred platforms laid out in abstract sacred geometries with planetary and stellar configurations encased in stone, earth and water. The sacred rites and memories of their origins instilled for time immemorable. You can still to this day feel their sacred songs in the Earth when walking the beach, hearing the crashing waves and seeing from a distance the feathered serpent making her way to the shore.

This ancient order of Earth Keepers knew the sacred rites of the Feathered Serpent. Throughout the world, they are known by different names, yet one thing holds true to all of them, they come in the form of the serpent, the ancient wisdom keepers from the stars.

The Maya are great seers into the past and the future, time mappers and planetary guides to the great remembering. Cancun is a focal access point on the planet to hidden and mysterious spiritual gateways. Some of the oldest known temples are in Cancun, with the Isla Mujeres, (Isle of Women) being a 15-minute boat ride across the Atlantic Ocean. 13,000 years ago a cataclysmic meteor thrust its’ way into the Ocean close to this famed location of Atlantis. The Maya temple of Chichen Itza, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, Kukulkan, was revered by the peoples of this ancient galactic temple. Every March and September, at the time of the Equinox, when the greatest light emits upon the Earth to awaken or to sleep, the Feathered Serpent, returns to greet the Sun by the zenith point of the Pleiades, to reveal at the Sun Temple, the back of the serpent’s tail, T’zab, the cosmological rattlesnake.  In the Mayan language, T’zab is the tail of the serpent, the rattlesnake, aligning itself to the Pleiades on the equinox, revealing the light and dark in balance as the Sun descending upon the Earth as a reminder, the light always returns.

Out of all of my travels around the world, Cancun is the place that I return year after year, sometimes 3X a year as there is so much to uncover, learn and share when I am there. I have experienced parallel realities and fully conscious past life at Chichen Itza. At the age of 14 I entered the sacred temple grounds and knew where the observatory was, felt the energy of Venus, heard the sacred waters flowing inside the Earth, leading the grand cenote and saw myself and my brother, who was dressed in royal gowns on top of the pyramid, paying homage to the Sun God.  That day and moment I entered into a parallel reality and spoke to old women who shared with me my purpose, my path and my memories of who I was in this place.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn advanced techniques of working with past life regression as a multidimensional gateway into lifetimes that have provided profound revelations to the human spirit and deepen your practice. Learn for the first time how to use parallel realities, soul groups, muli-dimensional future worlds to advance your current skills to understand the scope and range of clients needs and desires to know why they are experiencing certain aspects of their lives that they have yet to find meaning. Develop advanced skills that will give you a clear direction of how to uncover subconscious patterns that advance into parallel realms for your clients. Discover more about their soul group, connect to her/his spiritual guides and go deep into the unconscious aspects of why your client is stuck or repeating certain behaviours that are simply unconscious. This is very powerful work that will accelerate your understanding of how multi-dimensional realities exist.  This is a brand new way of connecting to your clients highest potential in this lifetime by providing insights of unknown origins.

*If you have prior training in past life regression this is a perfect step into developing more of your skills. This training is for individuals who desire to offer more to their clients and to advance their own spiritual knowledge, diving deep into the subconsious realms of our universe.

Deborah Skye King has been featured on TV, radio and online publications as the go-to expert who taps into multiple realms of parallel realities to access future worlds, past lives and jump dimensions to understand the human world.  Her vast range of exceptional experiences on Earth has allowed her to see into humanities origins, pinpoint key understandings of universal concepts ranging from ancient civilisations, origins of humanity, cosmological integrations of languages through patterned symbols in everyday structures and computations of mathematical cycles imprinted in nature’s elemental world. Thus giving her a vast range of insight to understand how humans operate in a conditioned state and key techniques to repair the glandular and nervous system to ignite conscious pathways in the neurocircuitry of the brain to ignite an individual’s higher spiritual functions. This assists her clients in gaining insight into her core conditioning and patterns that are coded in their DNA and imprinted into her hereditary generational lineage. experiences that reveal the truth of their soul desires. Her impact as a planetary transformational leader and healer has helped tens of thousands of women, men and children across the globe to understand their human experience, the patterns, ancestral insight and gain insight to knowing more about who they truly are from their heart and soul.

Join Deborah Skye as she leads you on a 13-week online  exploration into the unseen worlds that influence you every day. This is your opportunity to gain the expertise, skills and techniques from a Master Teacher in the realms of past lives, future worlds, parallel realities!

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