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  7 Day Professional Licensing for Teacher Training Certification as a Past Life Regression Teacher 

Toronto, Canada | September 13 -19 2019

Past Life Regression Training Professional CertficationFirst Teacher Training in the World!

Deborah Skye King, Director of The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression + Training Institute I will be teaching a five-day LIVE Past Life Regression Certificate Training Program in Toronto, Ontario. In this life changing and profoundly spiritually enhancing 5-day certification training, you will receive discover life on the other side of the veil, this will add value to your current method of healing, therapy or coaching that you personally or professionally do.

“While taking the past life regression course with Deborah Skye I had a major breakthrough during my regression session. My past life regression was very simplistic yet very profound, in that it allowed me to let go of anxiety and post traumatic stress that I had been carrying around for five years! I experienced a major shift in energy during the course which I’m sure my family noticed right away. I felt very blessed to meet Skye and the other participants in the course. I found Skye’s teaching method to be easy to follow and very helpful towards my understanding of regression therapy. As a result of taking the course, I am now able to help others in a safe holistic positive way.” Lynn

How does my Certified Past Life Regression Training differ from other courses?

With over 30+ years research of past/future and parallel realities uncovering what the human condition is, the trauma and suffering that leads to depression and deep sadness along with the loss of feeling connecting spiritually, has provided me with deep insight into why men and women experience self-defeating behaviors that create toxic relationships in their current life.

You will find that this training program gives you the hands-on approach to learning directly that other programs that you might have seen or heard about do not. You will also experience a diverse range of regressions as each person will receive and give a regression throughout the conference with direction and observant coaching from me.

What will you receive during the 7-day Certificate Training

Past Life Regression Seal of CompletionYou will receive your own training manual, templates of inductions and scripts that will provide you with the confidence and training to enable you to walk out of this 5-day event knowing that you can facilitate your own PLR with future clients and friends.

You will have an opportunity to experience three live regressions during the training and find confidence in yourself with mentoring you throughout the course in voice and tempo range, how to perceive the induction taking place, opening up your own third eye, expanding your energy field to new experiences and understanding your role as a facilitator for this life changing career for your current and future clients.

You will be able to open up your higher senses during this event as it’s part of the training that naturally develops and instils in you the ability to take direction from your guides and that of your clients.(priceless!)

“These last days have truly been life changing. I honestly felt supported and safe. I feel more open to new experience and accepting others, their opinions, views and experiences.  My personal past life regression provided me with clarity with respect to my love life and issues that I have intimately battled with for months! This workshop has not only taught me how to perform a past life regression but also allowed me to feel how powerfully past life regression is and the instant healing it provides.

Deborah is an amazing teacher. She fosters a safe and open environment throughout the whole entire weekend. I am grateful to have met her and had the pleasure of her teaching me. Thank you, Deborah for helping me to bring love into my life, and helping me to get closer to determining my true life purpose.” – Shali

Past Life Regression Therapy Training

 What if I have not personally had a Past Life Regression myself and want to take the training?

Then welcome! You will have an opportunity to work on one during this conference in a safe and supportive environment that will change your life and show you exactly how your future clients will feel while regressed, giving you the experience of a lifetime and enabling you to understand directly what your clients or friends will go through. There will be five live demonstrations throughout the training to see how a past life regression session takes place and you might be the one chosen to volunteer. 

International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Training & Research Center presents a 6-day teacher training in Toronto for Past Life Regressionists.

Past Life Regressionist Teacher Training –  First Teacher Training in the World ~ 2019

***Teacher Training Certification for Past Life Regressionist wanting to learn how to train others in doing Past Life Regressions- September 13-19, Downtown Toronto

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